The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

LRP Matting & DRI Rubber

A renewed company structure for rubber matting division gives a focus to LRP Matting

DRI Rubber – a global leader in reprocessed- and fibre reinforced rubber compounds and products – proudly reintroduces LRP Matting, as its official brand for all rubber matting products and solutions. This move gives a focus and dedication to the brand, as LRP Matting will become a division of DRI Rubber.

Boosting the well-being of both humans and animals, and improving the environmental footprint of both its customers and the rubber industry as a whole, LRP Matting has a solution for every surface and every size. LRP’s long-lasting rubber products – made from the highest quality reprocessed/ fibre reinforced rubber – ensures the highest levels of protection and comfort.

In this renewed structure LRP Matting serves as the official brand for rubber matting products, both standard sizes and made-to-measure solutions. From animal husbandry to golf courses and from commercial applications to heavy industries, LRP Matting offers specialised solutions such as private label, OEM and other large projects.

In 2019 DRI Rubber acquired LRP Matting (then named LRP Solutions). This marked an important step in further developing DRI’s finished products segment. With the combination of LRP Matting’s expertise in the matting world, aligned with DRI Rubber’s extensive technical knowledge on rubber compounding and a focus on upcycling and circularity, DRI can further improve product quality and performance to its customers.

For example, DRI Rubber integrates its fibre-reinforcement technology and materials to offer an even wider scope of products to the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets.

LRP Matting will serve all regions, with its key divisions in Waalwijk, The Netherlands (HQ), and in Coldwater, Ohio, in the USA.