The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Mars Mineral Delivers Advanced Pin Mixer  to LD Carbon

Mars Mineral, a global provider of pelletising technology and agglomeration solutions, has announced the shipment of a Model 26D100L stainless steel pin mixer to LD Carbon (LDC), a leading producer of recovered carbon black (rCB)

LDC, based in Seoul, South Korea, will receive the pin mixer at its new manufacturing facility in Dangjin. This plant, slated to open during the second quarter 2024, will be the largest end-of-life tyre pyrolysis and rCB operation in Asia.

The Mars Mineral Pin Mixer is a high-speed, conditioning, and micro-pelletising device that converts rCB from pyrolysis of ELTs into small spherical pellets through the action of a high-speed rotor shaft and pin assembly with the addition of a liquid binder, usually water.  

Pelletising is a vital link to improving rCB output from a pyrolysis plant to end-use customers because pellets are easier to handle, package, and transport than fluffy, unwieldy powder. rCB also diminishes the demand for fossil fuel-derived virgin carbon black, leading to lower overall energy consumption and supporting a circular economy with a reduced carbon footprint. 2

Mars Mineral’s and LDC’s technologies are addressing the global environmental challenge posed by the four billion waste tyres currently populating landfills and stockpiles.

Clayton Woodward, CEO of Mars Mineral, said; “Delivering this advanced pin mixer to LD Carbon fortifies our partnership and mutual dedication to sustainable innovation. Our continued collaboration sets a global benchmark, demonstrating the effectiveness and trust in our advanced pelletising solutions.”

Bumseek Kim, CCO of LD Carbon, reflected on the strategic partnership’s progress; “Securing another state-of-the-art pin mixer from Mars Mineral underscores our shared vision for a greener industry. Their technology is pivotal in scaling our production to meet the escalating demand for eco-friendly tyre and rubber products.”