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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

RIOS Updates RIOS Certification Scheme

New RIOS membership programme to upgrade recycling operations standards

Recycling Industry Operating Standard Certification

The Washington, DC-based Global Recycling Standards Organization Board of Directors has approved a new membership programme for RIOS, the Recycling Industry Operating Standard.

Under the new membership programme RIOS will have two tracks; the Certification Track, and the Management Track.

The Certification Track is the traditional membership that RIOS has operated with since its inception. The Management Track is for companies that understand the positive impact that a Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety management system has on their company and are ready to begin their implementation process, but may not be ready to complete, or may not need the third-party audited certification.

The Certification Track includes a license for certification, and there is no change to the dues structure. The lower cost Management Track will cost a recycling facility $1000 for the first year, and a $500 maintenance fee for each subsequent year, and does not provide a license for third-party certification. Both memberships include 1) an official copy of the RIOS Standard, 2) The RIOS Implementation Guide, 3) access to RIOS training, and 4) staff support throughout the implementation process. Companies do have the opportunity to change membership types.

“RIOS is an investment in your company, whether you chose to be certified or not,” said Darrell Kendall, executive director of RIOS. “Certification certainly provides huge marketing benefits but implementing a management system under any condition will make any recycler a better customer and supplier, a safer workplace, and better member of the community. With this membership type, we have taken the pressure of certification off the table, and put the focus on improving the business, and that’s huge.”

“Our industry continues to make massive strides in our health and safety and environmental performance. The next step in that growth is greater adoption of a management system, like RIOS,” said Gary Champlin, chair of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and co-owner of Champlin Tire Recycling in Concordia, Kansas. “This new membership model represents an opportunity for our members—and all recyclers—to take that first step, regardless of the commodities that they process.”

Source : Recycling Product News