The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Untha on Show in the UK

Austrian shredder manufacturer Untha recently held an open day at Enviro Fuel in Burnley to display its range of shredding equipment.

Untha Displays Prowess of its Equipment

The event took place over several days with invited guests and clients visiting to view the myriad examples of the Untha shredders performing with a range of waste materials.

Untha’s UK managing director Marcus Brew ran through the range of smaller shredders available for lower volume wastes.

Of specific interest to the tyre recycler were two mobile shredders, the ZR2400 and the XR3000C, (Both are also available as fixed units).

Both machines are electrically driven, with a hydraulic facility for operating the drive to the tracks. The former is a twin shaft shredder that is targeted at municipal waste, but which can, with the correct settings, be used to shred car tyres.

The single shaft XR3000C is more suited to tyre shredding and demonstrated its ability to separate wire from tyres to create a clean cut TDF.

Both machines come with easy access to the cutting chambers and the drives for simpler maintenance.

The added value to these machines, which are quite capable of doing the job they were designed to do, is their mobility. They have the potential to move around the yard to treat feedstock where it arises. This mobility reduces the need to transport stock to feed the shredder, and the end product can be fed directly into containers ready for delivery to the end user.

Brew was keen to point out that not only were Untha offering high quality shredders, but that they followed up with an efficient after sales service to minimise downtime.

Downtime though, with an Untha machine should be minimal, as they come equipped with Untha’s proprietary Genius technology. This gives operators the ability to continually monitor the performance of the machines. This digital tool allows the operator to maximise efficiency and visualise all operational data. That data can highlight potential issues before they arise, allowing the plant operators to take preventative action, order parts or service visits, and ensure a minimal downtime.

As any shredder operator knows, getting the best out of the machine is key to efficiency – that includes maximising blade life, ensuring that there are no feedstock issues and if there are, an ease of access to conduct remedial works.

UK Sales Manager Gary Moore was delighted with the event and believed that being so open with the equipment was sure to boost product awareness and bring more clients to see what Untha could do for them.