The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

ZARE Promotes Proper Tyre Disposal

As much of Northern Europe switches from summer tyres to winter tyres there is often a glut of tyres to be disposed of as people write off tyres that have minimal tread depth and which will not be reused in the spring. ZARE, a tyre recycling body under the oversight of the BRV in Germany, has been issuing guidance on proper disposal.

Loyalty Programme Part of ZARE’s success

All ZARE partners are awarded and certified according to the industry-specific criteria of the German Association of Tire Dealers and Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. (BRV). Through the website interested parties can learn about the tyre recycling industry, the usual recycling methods and planned activities, such as trade fair appearances. Traders will also find topics that can be used to sell the concept of proper disposal to their clients.

The ZARE initiative is a merger of 15 tyre retreaders and BRV certified tyre recycling companies, which have made it their task to strengthen the awareness of proper tyre recycling in Germany. All ZARE partners are also members of the BRV. ZARE informs the drivers about environmentally friendly waste disposal. With 22 locations, the ZARE partners cover most of Germany and the Netherlands.