Despite EPR – France Still Has Tyre Dumping

Tyres dumped in France
The village of Juziers found 700 tyres dumped in local woodlands

In spite of having the first extended EPR scheme, in Aliapur, and a number of smaller competing EPR schemes, France still has issues with tyre dumping.

France Still Experiencing Tyre Dumping Issues

700 used tyres were deposited in the forest, near Juziers, north-west of Paris. The incident happened during the height of the summer. The local mayor’s office paid the recycling bill for this tyre dump: it amounted to €3,464, at the expense of the taxpayer.

At the end of July, the officials of the village discovered nearly 700 abandoned tyres in the woods at the edge of the town. After the complaint by the mayor, Philippe Ferrand, to the police station at Mantes-la-Jolie, the municipal services were activated to organise the collection. Eventually, Ferrand called for local help. Nearly 80 people helped to pick up the tyres.

The Police have made no progress in identifying the fly tippers.

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