Eldan Launches New Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Tyre Shredder

Image of Eldan TSCC
Eldan produces a new single pass twin shaft tyre shredder

Danish manufacturer of recycling equipment, Eldan Recycling, has launched a new Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder (TSCC) for production of clean-cut tyre chips from car or truck tyres.

New Shredder from Eldan

The simple construction enables easy knife change, by lifting up the entire rotor. Knives can also be reground. Two rotors, each equipped with two electrical motors and high torque gearboxes. Wear resistant knives for efficient pre‐shredding. Two frequency converters ensure a very flexible operation, i.e. individual setting of RPM, overload protection, auto reverse at overload and high torque from zero RPM. Up to 50% power saving. Stand and inlet hopper customised for individual set up. 

“The Eldan Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder is the optimal machine for recyclers who want to go from complete tyre into 50 mm or 100 mm clean-cut chips in one go,” says Jan Kjær, Manager R&D at Eldan Recycling. “The unique solutions designed for the Eldan Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder is patented.”

The Eldan Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder can produce clean-cut 50 mm chips from car or truck tyres at up to 6000 kg/hour or clean-cut 100 mm chips at up to 9000 kg/hour.

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