TNU Promotes Tyre Wall Construction

Tyres can be used in embankment stabilisation

Spain’s TNU continues its information campaign with an article on using tyres to creae structural noise abatement walls on embankments.

TNU Promotes Simple Technology to use Tyres in Civil Engineering

Spain’s TNU continues its information campaign with an article on using tyres to creae structural noise abatement walls on embankments.

Usually, when stabilisation of slopes is needed, retaining walls are used. These structures are constructed with conventional materials, such as concrete, steel, mesh, gravel, wood, etc.

But TNU is promoting a technique has been developed to stabilise them using ELT, an efficient material that can compete with traditional materials. The application of used tyres also simplifies the construction process, since it does not require skilled labour and requires little machinery, which makes it ideal for developing countries.

A combination of geotextile and wall with tyres, which is an easy construction and low cost to boot, has the same strength as those built with traditional materials. Its base is stabilised with fine sand, which is then compacted, and geotextile is placed at two different heights at the rear of the wall. The wall is constructed of tyres filled with gravel and backfilled with soil and gravel.

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