TSA My Tyres Campaign Launched


TSA launches new "My Tyres My Choice' consumer campaign

TSA Targets Consumer Awareness

Tyre Stewardship Australia has launched a new consumer campaign, aptly entitled My Tyres My Choice. The aim of the campaign is two-fold; to enable consumers to make an informed decision on brands that contribute $0.25c per tyre sold to support the National Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme to promote the development of viable markets for end-of-life tyres. Also of paramount importance is educating consumers on the accredited tyre retailers and fitment centres who sustainably manage their end-of-life-tyres (EOLT) by working with TSA accredited tyre recyclers and collectors.

Consumers are directed to different search engines on the TSA website. The main search enables consumers to easily find over 1580 accredited retailers either by name, state or postcode. Other searches are by brands and accredited tyre recyclers / collectors.

The aim of this campaign is to ramp up consumer awareness and highlight to them the power they possess in making choices that have sustainable and positive environmental impacts.



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