Velorim Project Grows

Bicycle Tyres

The National Bicycle Tyre Recycling Scheme operated by Velorim in anticipation of a landfill ban, now has 200 collection sites, or Velorim Centres, across England, Scotland and Wales.

Velorim’s recycling Project Grows

The scheme is aiming to have 1,000 collection points by the end of 2021. Bike shops, hire-schemes, bike repair centres and retailers across the UK are signing up to recycle all their scrap tyres and inner tubes with Velorim.

Velorim CEO Dave Hawthorn stated: “We are truly delighted that such a large proportion of the cycle trade has embraced the scheme so enthusiastically. It is important though, that as many as possible do their part by joining the scheme, particularly as much of the down-stream recycling and reprocessing operations are volume-dependent. The more tyres we collect – the more sustainable the whole scheme becomes.”

There is no cost to the bicycle shops signing up to the scheme as they are able to pass on a recycling levy to their customers. Velorim recommends 50p per tyre and 20p per inner tube. Madison, which is sponsoring the trade launch of the scheme, is providing point-of-sale merchandise to help convey this message to customers. This is currently available free of charge.

Velorim’s research suggests that some 44,000 tonnes of bicycle tyres end up in landfill every year in the UK.


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