Federico Dossena, the New Managing Director of Ecopneus Headlines Tyre Recycling Podcast

Following the recent retirement of Ecopneus’s previous Managing Director Giovanni Corbetta, Editor of Tyre & Rubber Recycling Ewan Scott arranged an interview with the new incumbent of the Managing Director’s office at Ecopnues, Federico Dossena.

Episode 26 of Tyre Recycling Podcast Live on Youtube, Facebook and Spotify

Ewan Scott quizzed the Dossena on Ecopneus’s future promotional activities aimed at highlighting the work they do in the tyre recycling sector, the ongoing crumb rubber issue with the ECHA, the place for tyre-derived fuel in the Italian tyre recycling model and his vision for the agency’s role in 5 to 10 years time.


00:00 Introduction to Episode #26 | Business Witness: Federico Dossena

01:17 Introducing Federico Dosenna, newly appointed Managing Director of Ecopneus

02:52 Ecopneus's involvement in promotional opportunities for rubber recycling

05:39 Continuing Ecopneus's educational programmes related to waste crimes in Italy

07:40 "What do you see as the challenges for the tyre recycling sector?"

09:52 Keeping a close eye on future technologies i.e. pyrolysis and devulcanisation

10:44 Insight into tyre derived fuel's place in the Italian market

12:15 Federico's vision for Ecopneus in 5-10 years time

13:39 Conclusion to Business Witness: Federico Dossena

13:49 Richard and Ewan reflect on the interview with Federico Dossena

15:48 Richard and Ewan comment on the global focus on rubberised asphalt

20:55 Conclusion to Episode #26 | Business Witness: Federico Dossena

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Charlotte Nahon is the Communications and Digital Executive for Tyre & Rubber Recycling. Since 2018, Charlotte has been in the Digital and Communications sector, working in Canada as well as Spain. Her degree is in Communication Studies from the University of Ottawa, and ever since graduating she has been writing for multiple sectors including automotive, energy, education, pharmaceuticals and more. 

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