Indian Tyres to Landfill Around 40 Million per annum

Exports to India will become much more diffcult under an EPR scheme designed to address domestic issues

Clarification puts Indian discarded tyres at a much more realistic figure

Indian EPR – More Details

In the initial information, it was suggested that the National Green Tribunal had suggested that India discarded 275,000 tyres per year. This has now been clarified in the Indian Media, and the figure is daily, which suggests that the total discarded arisings are around 14 million tyres per year being discarded.

This puts a different perspective on the challenge that tyre exporters might face, as India will wish to address these arisings first under its EPR scheme.

The draft document, issued on 31st December 2021, has a two-month consultation period, and the resulting document is expected to be enacted in the financial year 2022-2023.

In the UK, there has been a move away from exporting tyres to India. This has been partly in response to increased costs, but also in anticipation of tighter restrictions.  In figures received by Tyre and Rubber Recycling, Exports to India as a percentage of non-EU Exports appear to have dropped to below 40 per cent of total exports.

The UK tyre recovery sector has been making efforts to find alternate destinations, one of which has been Pakistan, but there has also been talk of shipping tyres to North Africa and Turkey as alternative markets.

Recyclers in India have approached Tyre and Rubber Recycling suggesting that the reporting on the EPR scheme is one-sided. We await further comment from the recyclers.

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