Sustainable Materials Group Meeting

Dr Chris Norris
The ARTIS SMG conference is now in its third year and is bringing industry specialists together

The 3rd Annual ARTIS SMG meeting took place in London on the 27th February.

ARTIS: Sustainable Materials Group Meeting

The event gave members an insight into progress and challenges faced by the recycling sector. It is always interesting to look outside the tyre sector and an overview of the packaging industry gave insights and understanding of the issue about plastics recycling.

There was some discussion on new projects such as inkjet printing for rubber recovery and work on self-healing rubber, plus a consideration of value-added chemicals from waste polymers from Dr. Konstanttina Stamouli of Aston University

We also discovered that Milkrite/ Interpuls’s research into recycling rubber teets from milking parlours had gone full cycle and come to the conclusion that crumbing their end of life rubber and recycling it was potentially the route to follow. This would require further market consultation before stepping up the project.

The afternoon was largely focussed on Pyrolysis, with an overview from Martin Von Wolfersdorff and a technical review of the rCB product development by Dr. Chris Norris. Pieter Ter Haar from Pyrolyx discussed carbonaceous residue on Carbon Black mixtures in rCB, and there was a presentation from Thomas Greaves of Haydale looking at Plasma functionalisation of rCB.

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