Cozumel Tyres for Recycling

Tyre Arisings

Tyre recycling is a challenge in every part of the world, even holiday islands are not exempt

Mexican Isle of Cozumel Sends Tyres for Recycling

Cozumel is a small island south of Cancun in Mexico, famed for its watersports holidays. The island has only one main road, but tyre arisings are still an issue.

In January, the Recyclable Materials Collection Centre of Cozumel transferred 28.5 tons of tyres to a processing plant in Tabasco. The Deputy Director of the recycling centre, Adeb Zapata Silva, reported that they loaded a truck heading to the Geocycle processing plant where the tyre waste will be transformed into alternative fuel.

“These items are collected as part of the Zero Tires, Isla Cozumel programme,” he said adding that anyone can deposit tyres within the facilities of the Collection Centre.

He said that last year, 150 tons of tyres were sent from the island to the Tabasco plant. Not only were they converted into something useful they were prevented from becoming a source of contamination for the island.

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