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Italian equestrian fair utilises recycled rubber. Tests have shown that there are many benefits to using recycled rubber in arenas and walkways.

Magnetic specialist Bunting opens an Italian office. Stefano Maiaroli is appointed to handle Southern European business.

GDT makes moves to penetrate the US market. J Lyons Marketing will help define the correct business partners for the Australian technology company.

AFICEP (Association Française des Ingénieurs du Caoutchouc et des Polymères ) is organising RUBBERCON 2020 to be held on 4th/5th June 2020 in Paris

Big Atom has plans to break the need for waste exports and hopes to address waste polymer issues with a local solution. The company has faith in localised recycling, reducing waste and creating profits.

CalRecycle offers incentives to recycle. Businesses receive grants to encourage the use of recyclates

Carlton Forest presents its pyrolysis plant at Worksop, UK. Carlton Forest-owned IRR in South Africa manufactures the plant to European requirements.

US-based DRI Rubber buys LRP Solutions and plans to offer a broader scope of products and services. This will secure DRI Rubber’s market-leading position.

Australian recyclers may not be using the recycling fee effectively. Tyres are being stockpiled or landfilled rather than being recycled.

Moshe Rakhman of Tyrec identifies a new industrial route to produce recycled rubber macro-composites.

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