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The inaugural edition of The Recircle Awards is fast approaching with its virtual awards ceremony due to go live at 6pm CET on March the 15th 2021

Sustainability and the Circular Economy are become increasingly important factors in the automotive aftermarket, and this trend offers a clear opportunity for the retreading industry in the future.

Enviro EGM agrees to Michelin pyrolysis plant arrangement. To Read more about the Michelin and Enviro deal click here.

Feedspot rates Tyre and Rubber Recycling as number eight in its recycling magazine category

Botswana university unveils rubber pavers made from waste tyres


Shiban tyre recycling factory exports tyre recyclates and is held up as a champion of local SME projects

Uruguay leading the way in tyre recycling in South America with GENEU.


EuRIC reaffirms its commitment to the objectives of the circular economy and calls upon the commission to support continued use of granular infill made from recycled tyres

In late February 2021, Queensland Department of Environment and Science released the amended End of Waste Code for end-of-life tyres to include tyres used for silage storage, which deemed tyres as a resource instead of a waste product.

National Bicycle Tyre Recycling Scheme reaches 200 sites

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